Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography FAQs

How do I enter?
Photographers are either nominated by members of the photo community (photo editors, industry experts, etc.) and/or by the Rangefinder editors. Nominees are then invited to submit 30 images (from a variety of real weddings) to be reviewed and judged by the Rf editorial team.

What email should I use to log in?
You should use the email address to which we sent the initial invitation to submit. No other email will allow you to log in or submit.

Do you look at printed portfolios, or accept them on disk?
No, we only view work submitted online, and we will not view any work that arrives on disk. All images must be submitted to the official website.

I’m having trouble logging in—what’s going on?
Make sure that you are using the email we used to contact you initially. This is the email we have on file and the one we used to create your account. If you’re still having trouble, please email Brad Kuhns at brad.kuhns@emeraldexpo.com.

I'm 31 years old, does that mean I can't enter?
You can enter no matter your age. The only restriction for entering Rangefinder's 30 is the number of years you have been in business as a full-time professional wedding photographer. Five years is the cutoff. All entries will be verified.

I shot other genres of photography (commercial, editorial, photojournalism, etc.) for a number of years before shooting weddings. Do I still qualify?
Yes, as long as you've been shooting weddings full-time for the last 5 years or less, then you qualify for this competition.

I shoot with another photographer as a team, but only one of us has been shooting full-time for less than 5 years. Do we still qualify?
If you've been shooting weddings as a duo for 5 years of less, then you still qualify. If you don't shoot weddings together, then only the photographer who's been shooting for less than 5 years qualifies.

If I and another photographer shoot as a duo, should we submit 60 photos?
No, you will collectively submit 30 photos.

Can I submit photos that I shot as a second shooter?

Can I submit photos from styled shoots, engagements, proposal sessions or post-wedding-day shoots
Unfortunately, no. We're only interested in seeing photos from real weddings and elopements, and we will only be considering photos that were taken on the wedding day (or days, if you were hired for a multi-day celebration).

Is there a certain timeframe from which I can/cannot pull photos to submit? No, you can submit any photos you've taken since going full time, but of course judge your work wisely in terms of choosing the very best collection of photos to represent you.

What about photos shot on film and multiple-exposure images?
Sure! You are welcome to submit images shot on film and/or digitally, and multiple exposures are cool with us, too. We're looking for quality in each photo—both technically and narratively—so just make sure each of your 30 photos is strong in all aspects.

Can all of my photos be from one wedding or should I submit a range of images from multiple weddings?
Submitting photos from one wedding is fine as along as they show a variety of elements from the day, but we encourage you to draw from a variety of weddings.

What type of wedding-day images are you looking for?
In the past we’ve received a majority of bride-and-groom portraits, but we’re interested in seeing all aspects of the wedding day: first looks, getting ready, group portraits, details, reception photos and anything else that you cover during a wedding.

How do I confirm my images have been uploaded successfully?
Once you have uploaded your 30 photos and your headshot, filled out the questionnaire and hit the submit button, you’re good to go!

Will you look at my website too?
We consider your website to be part of your overall presentation. We will check out websites if we are interested in seeing additional work.

Will I be notified if I don’t get chosen?
Yes, everyone will be contacted regardless of whether you are picked as a 30 Rising Star. Expect an email from us either way by early October.

What month is the issue published?
The 30 Rising Stars will be featured in Rf's December 2016 issue. The winners will also have their work showcased in a special online gallery, as well as in a printed gallery at WPPI 2017 in Las Vegas.